3-Tile Frame Designs

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Birch Tree Designs tile frame trivets are heat resistant ceramic tiles in custom made frames. Most frames are made by local Fairbanks craftsman Scott Houghton of 30 Below Woodworks. Frames are generally either pine or birch and have a clear varnish.


Trivets come with either one or three 6"x6" tiles. The tiles are affixed with a food-safe silicone adhesive.


Tile Frames can be washed with a warm soapy rag.



Size: Approx. 9" x 21"

Price: $90

Shipping: $17



Size: Approx. 9" x 9"

Price: $40

Shipping: $14


Printing with your own image: Please contact me for information (kendra@birchtreedesigns.net)




1-Tile Frame Designs


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